Can Information Get You Sick? Can it Get You Well?

The internet has skyrocketed the age of information.  We can use it to learn, to explore, and of course watch cute animal videos.

Our bodies have always lived in an information zone.  Constantly monitoring and correcting so that we stay healthy and thrive.  But sometimes things go wrong.  We get a cold, we have acute or chronic pain, we have allergies, our digestion isn’t right, we have arthritis, there’s an autoimmune disease and the list goes on.  So what happened and more importantly, how do you fix it?

Allergies are a great example of a bad turn on the information highway.  For some reason the immune system has decided a harmless substance like pollen or a particular food is a threat and sends out various cells to attack and destroy, creating an allergic reaction.  It’s a mistake, an erroneous conclusion and you can tell the body to stop it.

Sounds too easy and it can be more complicated but basically the idea is to remind the body of the correct information.  It knew it at one time but just like data on our computers, that information has gotten corrupted.

NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) was developed by Dr. Leslie Feinberg as a way to get the body back on the right path.  It can be used to address a wide variety of misinformation like allergies, acute and chronic pain, digestive dysfunction, endocrine imbalance and the list goes on.  Muscle testing is used to actually ask the body what is going on and finding the best information so the body can correct any errors and heal.

NMT does not require any drugs although sometimes lifestyle changes and nutritional counseling will need to be incorporated so that the body has all it needs to complete healing.  It is a matter of finding out where things went wrong and giving the body the information it needs so can correct itself.