Plant Your Garden, Save Your Back

While it’s not quite time to plant, it is time to get things ready.  Gardening can be hard on your back and there are a number of ways to decrease the strain.

I made this video a few years ago to demonstrate some good ideas for weeding and digging.

Vary the tasks that you are doing and remember to take breaks.  Staying in one position for a long time is going to end in pain.  Stop, stretch, rest, do a different task.  If you’ve been kneeling, do something that requires standing up.

Of course being in the best shape going into gardening season will pay off.  Weight training to strengthen your arms, legs and core muscles will allow you to get your work done with much less stress on your body.  Keeping your body moving correctly with chiropractic adjustments will also contribute to your general well being.

So get out in the garden, make the world beautiful and take care of yourself at the same time.